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You are helping your child when you work on their fascia.

Updated: May 28, 2020

We have already talked about what is fascia, the key roles it plays in movement and postural control and what is probably happening in your child’s case.

Now let’s talk about possibilities. 

You can strengthen your child’s fascia. In a nutshell, if you stimulate the fluids flow and deliver a soft mechanical stress to the tissues, you will be able to activate the cells in charge of producing more collagen. You can read more and watch a video about how this happens here.

You can learn specific routines to gently work on your child’s fascia and improve the way it is organized. 

When you work on your child’s fascia you are:

  • Bringing more nutrients to your child’s tissues, so they get healthier. 

  • Improving vital functions like bowel movements and breathing. 

  • Promoting the right balance of tension and compression (biotensegrity) so your child can have more stability and move efficiently. 

  • Improving your child’s posture. 

  • Allowing the joints to move freely (where they should move)

  • Relaxing the muscles and allowing them to glide properly. 

  • Boosting your child’s development. 

We offer monthly Q&A Facebook live sessions. Watch this one, where we are talking about how you can boost your child’s development with WeFlow.

WeFlow´s tip for you!

You can help build your child’s fascia if you use a wrap around the torso. You can check out our Tummy binder or simply wrap a soft cloth around your child’s torso to support it and help strengthen the abdomen and back (not the muscles, but the fascia ;-))

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