CoreFlow Program

Come, learn and do it at home!

You will

come for a

2-days session,

every 3 or 4 months

Helping parents to boost the full developmental potential of their children with Cerebral Palsy!


We unlock together and you will build at home!

Cerebral Palsy?

Trust. Flow. Play. Smile.

It is possible.

This customized program provides all the knowledge and tools needed to empower the parents on how to promote the full developmental potential of their child.


It includes:


  • Online learning material to fully understand the approach.

  • Initial assessment where a video is taken for future references and analysis.*

  • Specific treatment under the scope of Manual Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy.

  • Playful movements to let the child experience the newly gained flow and learn from it.

  • 3-hour training sessions of soft and passive techniques to address the fascial system. These are the techniques parents will deliver daily at home for the following 3-4 months. 

  • Tools and instructions needed to deliver the program at home (positioning aids or body supports are not included).

  • 1 free online follow-up session (30 min).

  • Free email consultation.


Once at home, the parents deliver the passive techniques daily (1.5 to 2-hour sessions that can be split in 20 – 30-minute increments).


The content of the home-based program is designed to be delivered for 3-4 months. 


*During the assessment and video filming, it is important to assess the back and abdomen, so the child must be in undergarments or bathing suit (2-piece for girls).

Free online 20 minutes discovery session