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Early Childhood

Early Childhood
Early Childhood

WeFlow can help in cases where the child’s motor development is going slower than expected. With a caring and comprehensive approach, WeFlow combines very gently hands-on treatment and movement facilitation techniques that mimic the normal development and promote the processes that are essential for the child to thrive.


We need to make sure that there is no structural restriction preventing the movement so the initial assessment is critical. WeFlow focuses on the details of how the movement is done in terms of weight bearing and counterbalancing, how the movement is felt and integrated into the fascial system and how the child performs in every situation.


Through a playful and positive environment, the child gets to experience new opportunities to move and explore the surroundings.


Some common infant illnesses like colic, constipation, reflux, sleep disorders, poor feeding/ latching, lazy eye and others, could have structural origins. Manual Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy help with them. By gently targeting the structure, these conditions resolve very soon.


Teaming up with the parents is crucial. WeFlow empowers them so they can help their children. Parents learn specific techniques and ideas to play with their children so the stimulation continues at home.

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