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We believe that...
  • The quality of life comes first

  • No matter how rough the path is, we can always enjoy the ride

  • The body has its own way to recover and develop. Let’s boost it!

  • The body is a unity. Fascia holds it together.

  • The body works as a tensegrity, where proper tension between the structures is crucial.

  • The rhythms and fluids flow within the body pace its growth and development.

  • Proper tension of the fascial system is essential to sustain the posture and to allow controlled movement.

  • After a brain damage, the fascia weakens and collapses. So does the muscular-skeletal structure that loses its organization.

  • When the fluids flow is restricted, the mechanisms to nourish the tissues and cells and to carry away waste material is compromised.

  • Fascia can be remodeled and strengthened using soft and passive techniques.

  • Fluids flow can be restored and with it, the tissues become healthier.​​

Mariana Barreto, PT-DO (MP)

Mariana began her journey involved with Cerebral Palsy population volunteering when she was 13 years old, and inspired by that experience, she became a Physical Therapist. She started her career in an early intervention department, with high-risk infants and premature babies. In 1999, she was a part of the professional team of the first Latin-American 3D gait laboratory, where she analyzed hundreds of individuals with pathological gait (mainly cerebral palsy.) She aided the surgical decision team and took care of the post-surgical rehabilitation process in a renowned Paediatric Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela.


In 2002, she was certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Cerebral Palsy (NDT/Bobath) and worked for 8 years under this approach, teaming up with Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Pediatric Psychologists and Special Education Teachers.


In Canada, she worked for 6 years with a team in Montreal that offers an alternative approach to Cerebral Palsy Therapy that focuses on the remodelling of the connective tissue. Her recent exposure to the Fascia concept made her pursue a deeper understanding of it, so she became a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapist.


With WeFlow, Mariana combines her 20 years of experience in a gentle and caring approach to help children with cerebral palsy and other conditions.

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