How does Fascia (the jelly) get stronger?

Updated: 12 hours ago

The main goal of WeFlow is to strengthen the Fascia.

How is that possible?

Well... two main events have to happen:

1. The tissues must receive enough nutrients that will come from the flow of those fluids carrying them (blood, interstitial fluids). To promote the proper flow, restrictions most be removed and some internal mechanisms must be activated.

2. New fibers will be created when the tissues get strained, frequently and repetitively. This means, when the fascia get mechanically stimulated many times. This is why we rather teach the parents how to do it, so they can do it at home, everyday.

The following video* illustrates very well this second process (it is called Fibrillogenesis):

* source: Collagen remodelling at the micho level. Nicky de JOnge, MSc, prov. Carlinjn C.C. Bouten, PhD.

Soft Tissue Biomechanics and Engineering group.

Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Institute for Complex Molecular Systems.

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