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Autism Therapy
WeFlow is also very helpful in children within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as it helps to integrate the sensory system and organizes it.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorders.


Children within the Autistic Spectrum Disorders often face challenges when organizing the sensory information they receive from the environment (noise, smell, taste) but also from the information they receive from their own body (proprioception, interoception). 

How WeFlow can help?

  • By organizing the sensory system: Understanding the role that fascia plays in our sensory system gives us a wonderful avenue to address the sensory dysregulation that most of these children present. Parents learn different techniques that will help their children to organize the way they feel themselves, allowing a more meaningful interaction with the environment.

  • By realigning and balancing the cranial bones. It is well known that many children within the ASD present imbalances in the skull and craniosacral system (like changes in the shape of the head, limited motion of the cranial bones or extreme sensitivity around their heads). By bringing those structures back to balance the motion of the membrane surrounding the brain can flush toxins and inflammation out of the brain tissue. As this occurs, it naturally can elevate biochemical processing, which increases the function of neurons and neurological pathways, including the autonomic nervous system (that promotes overall relaxation). This approach is particularly effective to treat anxiety.

  • By osteopathically addressing the gastrointestinal problems usually seen in these children.

By targeting the fascial system, we see the child, despite the label.

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