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Keeping the muscles on the right track!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

One of the roles of fascia is to keep the organization of our body.

Here we are using a simple example to illustrate this:

The cars in these pictures represent the muscles in our body, and the lines are the fascia that keeps the lanes organized

When the lines are clearly defined, the cars travel in an organized manner. There is space between them, and the lanes are properly set so the cars can run easily toward the desired direction.

In our body, the fascia defines the space where each muscle works, allowing specific and segmented movements. We can move one finger at a time, the arm away from our trunk or the head independently from the rest of our body.

Due to a brain injury, the fascia loses its tension and organization, it is like it glues and gets stuck. There is a traffic jam!

In our highway example, it is like the lines become blurry and overlap each other. So now the cars (muscles) are too close and they don't have a well-defined path to travel. One gets in the way of the other, and it is not easy to respect its own direction.

This is typically seen in individuals with cerebral palsy and tested during our assessments. We try moving one arm and the rest of the body is dragged along. The same happens with the head and the legs.

One of the goals with WeFlow Therapy is to bring back the organization of the fascial system, so the body parts can move independently from each other and the motor control can improve.

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