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Online Program

or 45-minute


Technology makes it possible! And even if you can't come to see us, we can still help!

Cerebral Palsy?

Trust. Flow. Play. Smile.

It is possible.

Online Program 

This service is offered to both, active and new families. It is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas regarding the child’s well-being, to follow up with the course of the treatment or to clarify doubts and concerns.


Depending on the needs, we might request a home video and some measurements. Based on the virtual assessment,  we teach you some simple techniques that you can apply at home to help your child*. We also share useful ideas to improve daily life activities. 


From home you can get:


  • Ideas of how to facilitate movement, without forcing the structure.

  • Positioning ideas (respecting the tensegrity principle)

  • Overall relaxation

  • Sleep routines

  • Alternatives to improve bowel movements

  • Others


Sometimes the parents just want to be heard: 

We are here attentive and ready to help.


* These techniques are more basic compared to the ones offered in the CoreFlow program.

    When tools are required, they are sold separately and sent from the office.


Free online 20 minutes discovery session