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What else should you do to help your child with Cerebral Palsy?

Updated: May 28, 2020

You should trust your child. You should trust you can boost your child’s development.  You should, because it is possible! You can empower yourself to do so. All you need is your willingness to do it and a little guide to learn from. 

You are the hero your child needs. The power is in your hands to help. 

I don’t know where you are in your journey. If you are reading this, your child has probably been “labelled” as a child with cerebral palsy.  It is not my intention in this entry to revise the theory of what cerebral palsy is according to the books, nor to talk about the expectations.  I am sharing some links below where you can read about it.

I am here to share the idea that we must understand our body from a more holistic and complete point of view (that includes the fascia in it). We are not parts put together as a machine, but instead self-developing beings with an inherent capacity of healing. Once we can understand cerebral palsy from a different perspective; a different model, we have new (and more!) opportunities to help.

With CP, there is a brain injury; that’s a fact. But we have a choice here: either we focus on the consequences of it (tight muscles, lack of control, deformities) or, we focus on the mechanisms that are happening internally (24/7) to help your child develop and grow, and we make sure they work at their best so your child can thrive.

Either we see what is wrong and we try to fix it, or we see what is working and we boost it. Either we zoom in and see parts, or we zoom out and see, beyond the label, a child and a family with a journey worth sharing. 

We are talking about a paradigm shift. A big one! And it is not an easy one. That is why, I will break the concepts in pieces that you can take little by little, at your own time. I promise I will keep this simple. There is a lot of science behind this that you might, or might not, find relevant. But I will transform that information into practical ideas to help you help your child. That is a promise. Whether you like to read more to understand the why, or to simply learn what to do, this blog is for you, and with your child in my heart.

Welcome to WeFlow Therapy, where we trust it is possible! You can help your child develop beyond expectations. We are here to empower you and to equip you with knowledge and skills so you can boost your child's development, despite the label.  

After each blog post, you will find a ”WeFlow’s Tip”. Try implementing them and witness the transformation that will happen. 

WeFlow’s Tip 

Daily affirmation: 

Every morning, when you first go to your washroom, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “It is in my hands to help my child. I trust it is possible”

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