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Online Program Steps

US$ 480

Includes up to 2 live

45-min online sessions *,**


Initial Registration Form


Online Program Consent Form


Film your Assessment Video


Share your Video


Measure your Child


Book your first 45-minute session

During your first online session, we will analyze your child’s

assessment and the areas we will be focusing on. We will talk about your family and your routine and we will plan how to integrate this program into your lifestyle.

Your child doesn’t need to be present for this session.

After the session, we will prepare the exercises plan for you and send you the list of tools you will need.

You will receive instructional videos on how to deliver the exercises at home.


Watch the Instructional Videos


Practice your routine

for at least one week


Send us Videos

on how you are doing the exercises


Book a second 45-minute session

We will revise your techniques.

Ideally, your child will be present during this session.


Continue working

with your plan as scheduled

* The Online Program includes up to 2 live 45-min online sessions in total.

If more is needed, it will be charged separately US$97 for a 45-min session.

** You will need to buy some tools for the exercises.

This program will give enough to work for 4-6 months. You can always book more sessions if you need to clarify any doubt or if you want to share the improvements you are seeing.

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