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Stay home.


We can still work together.

You can learn powerful routines that will help your child with Cerebral Palsy go beyond expectations.

Con WeFlow puedes ayudar a tu hijo(a) a:

  • Desarrollar control de cabeza y tronco

  • Reducir espasticidad y regular el tono muscular

  • Promover movimientos más naturales

  • Mejorar la postura

  • Organizar el sistema sensorial

  • Regular las funciones vitales

  • Mejorar la calidad de vida

Nuestros Programas

WeFlow Online Services_Neck.jpg

Let's keep

your child's head up!

Build a soft support to help your child hold the head up.



WeFlow Online Services_Legs.jpg

20-Minute routine to relax your child's legs

A gentle and effective routine to relax the legs of their children.



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WeFlow Online Services_Hands.jpg

10-Ideas to Develop your Child's Hands

Stimulate the development of your child’s hand by working on the fascial system.



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WeFlow Online Services_Program.jpg





for your child

Thanks to technology, we can work together when travelling to our office is not an option.



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Online Programs

What People Say

We do the exercises while our son sleeps. He doesn’t even know we are doing this therapy. I notice more flexibility in his legs and he is moving them more.


Ontario, Canada

His legs are so relaxed that his PT believes he doesn't need the surgery anymore!

We cancelled the surgery.


Massachusetts, USA

... I did the leg relaxation routine and his legs got so soft it was really nice to feel.


Franklin, Australia

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