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Help your child improve movement, posture and quality of life with fascia therapy.

Learn the TheraParent Method and become the best therapist for your child. 

It is time to start trusting you can develop the skills you need so you can boost your child’s development.


You can become what your child needs, tap into the superpowers you have and help your child thrive.


It is frustrating that, despite all therapies, your child is not improving as you believe they should. You don’t know how to help for real!

You have done all that your doctors and therapist have said. 

you are frustrated about your child’s progress despite hours of therapy?

you are overwhelmed with many therapy and medical appointments?

you feel lonely. No one understands where you are?

you are stressed and worried about your child's future?

All what you have done is not really working much. Hours and hours of therapy are not bringing consistent results and you are overwhelmed with too many therapy and medical appointments. Not to mention those sessions in which your child didn't cooperate as expected!

Now you really need a way to improve your child’s movement, posture and quality of life. 

How do you become the best therapist for your child when you are already overwhelmed with too many therapies that are not even helping the way you would like?

The TheraParent Method is your plan to radically help your child improve movement, posture and quality of life.

TheraParent Method

 Gives you unique strategies to help your child in the comfort of your home. These strategies are based on a different and more holistic model that focuses on the remodelling of your child’s fascial system so you can help them get stronger from within, improving their posture, movement and quality of life


It's how parents working with me...

  • Understand the condition of their child from a different (and more comprehensive) point of view.

  • ​​Develop skills to do fascia therapy with their kids so they can improve movements, posture and quality of life.

  • Learn how to develop skills to practice motor milestones with their kids.

  • ​​Change their mindset to a more positive one where they can be less stressed about their child’s future.

  • ​Belong to a like-minded community of parents sharing their journey together. 


If I could go back in time, which I can’t, I would start with WeFlow as soon as my son left the hospital.

from Mexico


Mariana focuses on the needs of each child to create an effective program. 

My daughter’s program is specialized just for her needs. The program is easy to follow and explanations are very clear.

Dr. Terri Magrans-Courtney
from Texas, USA


We love the content!
My husband is also so eager to hear the new things I learn because he sees the results.

from Mississippi, USA

Become the best therapist for your child inside.

TheraParent Coaching

Here’s everything you get as a member:

A full year of customized fascia techniques for your child (divided in 4-month sets)


12-months access to the TheraParent Method online portal with short and concise lessons to learn at your

own pace:


Weekly group coaching calls with Mariana


Private community


Live extra classes with special guests and professionals


With Theraparent, Mariana provides you with a lot of ideas and resources that help you and your child. You don't feel alone. Parents’ community is so nice and Mariana never leaves you alone. She is very knowledgeable and always has the right words for you.

from Texas, USA


It’s really great! I love watching the coaching videos and all of the information available.

from Pennsylvania, USA


I feel as if the program is great very detailed and full of so much knowledge! I love having the videos of the exercises to refer back to them often!

from Iowa, USA

You can help your child surpass expectations! 

Don’t ever feel that you haven’t tried hard enough.

It's your time...

To start trusting your child’s ability to heal and thrive.


To understand your child’s condition from a more holistic (and positive) view.


To equip yourself with the best strategies and techniques to improve your child’s movement, posture and vital functions.


To belong to a community of like-minded parents that are helping their kids achieve their fullest potential.


I help parents of children with cerebral palsy and other conditions achieve the above.


If that’s something you want too...


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