Come and learn wonderful ways to help your loved one!
In these online workshops, we teach simple techniques and ideas that you can easily implement at home to help your loved one:


Each workshop includes:

- 3 hours theoretical and practical group session (up to 4 families per session). 

- Tools to deliver the techniques at home. 

**New dates coming soon** 



online workshop for parents and caregivers

August 25th 2017

CAD$ 220 + HST

Learn efficient techniques and practical ideas to promote more natural and regular bowel movements (to reduce constipation). 

CAD$ 220 + HST

Learning soft ways of addressing tight muscles while respecting the Fascial System and the Tensegrity Structure. 

Flowing with my breath

CAD$ 220 + HST

Learn simple techniques to enhance the respiratory performance so it efficiently contributes to the health of the fascial system. With these techniques, your child will handle colds and chest congestions in a more efficient way. 

CAD$ 220 + HST

To understand the powerful impact of rest and relaxation. You will learn amazing techniques to relax your child and valuable tips to carry during your everyday life. 

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for Parents

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