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Mariana Barreto, PT-DO (MP)
Director & Founder

20-Minute Routine to Relax your Child's Legs

An online course for parents of kids with CP, focused on fascia.

Only $87

Your child's legs are tight.

Doctors told you "that is typical in CP. Therapy and stretching will help, and then some injections or maybe a surgery later when he or she is older. That's the way it is!"

It doesn't have to be like that.

You can help your child go beyond expectations.

Eliminate the frustration.

You are doing your best, driving your child to every therapy appointment and doing the homework they ask, but results aren't lasting.
It is frustrating. 


As a pediatric physiotherapist, I used to feel the same. The kids would leave the session relaxed, only to come back tight the next time. I always feared any growth spurts as I knew they would get even tighter. After many years believing, "that's the way it is", I learned I was missing a key piece: Fascia!

Understanding how fascia relates to your child with cerebral palsy offers new strategies to help with spasticity and motor control.

Empower yourself and help your child. 


Buy the course

Get access for only $49.99


Learn the steps 


Implement your routine

at home and see

those legs relax for real

This Routine is Different.

  • It is gentle and soft.

  • You are NOT stretching! You are targeting fascia.

  • You are using soft tools (that you probably have at home or you can find at your local store)

  • Your child will love it. It feels good!

This Course is.

Based on the most recent fascia research.

It is so new, most doctors don’t know about it. 

Easy to follow and to implement.

Developed by a pediatric physical therapist, manual osteopath and craniosacral therapist with many years of experience. 

Packed with detailed instructions and fun lectures.

Available on demand from anywhere in the world.

What People Say

We do the exercises while our son sleeps. He doesn’t even know we are doing this therapy. I notice more flexibility in his legs and he is moving them more.


Ontario, Canada

His legs are so relaxed that his PT believes he doesn't need the surgery anymore!

We cancelled the surgery.


Massachusetts, USA

... I did the leg relaxation routine and his legs got so soft it was really nice to feel.


Franklin, Australia

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