Oh no!!! the jelly melts, the structure collapses

Updated: May 4

Due to a brain damage, the fascial system loses its tension and collapses. The whole structure is now wobbly and the body parts get misplaced.

There is a chaotic situation in the muscular-skeletal system. The organization of the different compartments is lost and the body moves as a block. When there is not enough space between the structures for the fluids to flow, the different layers glue together. The lubricant is missing. If the flow is interrupted, then the nutrients supply is inefficient and the tissues starve, and the removal of the waste material doesn't take place.

With less tension between the muscle fibers, the force transmission is also affected. The muscles need to work harder to move one specific part. And because of the collapse, the fascia doesn't support as it should, some structures sink, others bulge, invading each other's spaces.

The jelly melts, the fascia collapses, the body is in trouble.

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