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Let's talk about the pelvis...

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Promise: we won't get too technical here!

Why do we need to address the pelvis? Because its proper development is crucial to get sitting stability.

The pelvis is the lower part of our trunk and the base of it!

It contains most of our internal organs and the legs stem from it.

When we are born, our pelvis is not fully formed, it is narrow and small, compared to our ribcage. As we grow, due to the internal movements that are happening in the body (breathing, the movements of the organs and the tissues) and also because the way we normally move as babies, it changes its shape to prepare us for sitting and standing. It expands and widens out.

Children with cerebral palsy have underdeveloped pelvises. They usually stay narrow and flat, limiting the support that is needed for sitting and standing. The stability of the pelvic floor (the bottom of the pelvis) is commonly compromised as the tension of the connective tissues that are holding its stability is lost (the jelly from previous posts).

WeFlow targets those mechanisms that promote the development of the pelvis as a whole. From supporting the proper respiratory performance and the gliding action between the organs, the adequate connection of the abdominal wall, including the ribs and the movement of the Craniosacral system that plays a key role in the stability of the sacrum within the pelvis girdle.

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