One of the roles of fascia is to keep the organization of our body. In cerebral palsy, this property is lost impending the movements to happen independently.


How many times do you ask your child to lift his head up, or to sit up straight?

Those words are commonly said to individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Their parents, their teachers, their therapists, the team around them is constantly reminding them how they should be sitti...

This video from Georgia Victor - Estudo dinâmico da coluna vertebral - published in YouTube, shows a tensegrity model of the spine. 

What lessons can we learn from it?

1. The vertebrae are floating, held by tensile structures (this is what tensegrity is!)

2. The spin...


The "push" from the organs is essential for the development of the pelvis.


The proper development of the pelvis in cerebral palsy is essential to gain control in sitting and to prevent hip subluxation


Collagen remodeling under mechanical stimulation


If the fascia is not supporting the body parts as it should, training trunk control is always a challenge. WeFlow targets the fascia to strengthen it and to gain more support in sitting and better trunk control.

This is a wonderful video that explains in depth how complex the fascial system is, its roles, its properties and how it behaves.

"Strolling under the skin" is based on the work of Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau. A must watch if we want to understand the powerful impact we...

Due to a brain damage, the fascial system loses its tension and collapses. The whole structure is now wobbly and the body parts get misplaced.  

There is a chaotic situation in the muscular-skeletal system. The organization of the different compartments is lost and the...


To understand how WeFlow works it is important to learn about fascia.

The way our body is built could be represented, in the most simplistic manner, as a fruit jelly mould, where the suspended fruits are the organs, the muscles, the bones, the arteries, the veins and th...

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